Buxton Hall Table NZ

Hannah Sideboard

Athena Dining Table

Elodie Side Table

Carefully considered shapes, angles and textures gather together to form the Elodie side table.

The shape of the tabletop means this table suits a variety of purposes, against a wall or standalone; it could even be used as a bedside.

At the top of the legs, the end grain is carefully carved into a trance-like texture using a small chisel/gouge. Reveals are cut out of the top to allow the frame and legs to really feature in the piece.

The top reaches its final finish and shape with the help of the spokeshave tool, taking the finest of shavings.

Available in either American Walnut or American Maple.

Finn Coffee Table

Dark and warm, time for coffee.

Splayed, tapered legs provide a delicate stronghold for this well-proportioned design. The custom rack underneath holds everything your lounge can throw at it.

Look how the Blackwood grain contrasts, dances and swirls all across the top of this bespoke coffee table.


Gannon Shelving

This custom shelving could go just about anywhere in a home. Suitable for entryways, bedrooms, kitchen or living areas.

It is a look into the combination of hard and soft edges, curves and straight lines.

The crisp bevels underneath the shelves contrast and accentuate the broad sweeping arc of the front edge. The rounded upright posts support flowing curves in the timber brackets which are punctuated with firm corners.

The shelves are graduated in size from top to bottom to give the piece a light and delicate look.


Jasper Dining Table

Simple, neat, honest joinery.

This refectory style handmade table pays homage to the forefathers of woodworking and whispers cheekily back at the proponents of minimalism.

The large, through tenon, lying horizontally underneath the tabletop is about as strong as a joint can be made. Saw marks have been left to garnish the exposed tenon, a reminder of the process and to punctuate the design.


Bailey Media Cabinet

The look here is clean and contemporary set against the time honoured tradition of frame and panel door construction.

Built to fit a peculiar shaped nook in a Brisbane house, the client and I collaborated on a way to maximise storage without compromising quality design.

The result was a unique, asymmetrical design with tasteful, hand chiselled, door pulls.

Luna 2 Sideboard

This bespoke Luna 2 sideboard was built in Melbourne to complement the original Luna. It's purpose is to welcome guests into the home with the warmth of handmade craftsmanship.

The clients were looking for a piece that didn't intimidate or loom monstrous as you enter the house, but instead calmly welcome with the promise of quality and care.

In this particular version, there are no handmade touches left behind. It has hand cut dovetails on the carcase and drawers. The drawer sides are american oak, in keeping with the american theme, and run on handmade runners made from the same timber.

Solid american walnut is used throughout, including the back and drawer bottoms. These are often neglected, common as a sort of afterthought in cabinet design, but we decided to focus on the furniture as a holistic piece, every surface working towards a common goal.

The shelves are adjusted via handmade shelf adjusters. These are handmade, chiselled from offcuts from the carcase to provide a bespoke touch to the sideboard.

Hinges are top of the range, black onyx Blum, with the soft close feature inherent.


Hosking Entertainment Cabinet

This Hosking entertainment unit was the first of many pieces to decorate this well thought out interior design space. The customers are passionate supporters of Australian hardwoods which led to the implementation of the acacia tree, Tasmanian blackwood.

There is not a scrap of plywood or veneer in this piece. It is a true Australian, solid timber piece. Despite being positioned against a wall, the back has received the same care and attention that the rest of the piece deserved.

The sliding doors are a prominent feature of this unit, with the grooves cut by hand using the plough plane. They are easily removed for transport and slide along the custom tracks.