Where Did It All Begin?

People ask me, how did you get started? Where did it all begin? What made you choose woodworking? I usually reply with, well, I’m not sure. And that would be the truth because the turning of events is more complex than I could claim for my own mind.

That being said, I joined a bookclub.

We would meet every month in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne to drink wine, laugh and discuss books. I was introduced to some amazing novels, ones that I wouldn’t have come across without the help of others. For instance, “A Confederacy of Dunces” by John Kennedy Toole had me laughing out loud in bed each night. However, it was “News from Nowhere” by William Morris that had a profound effect on my life course.

“News from Nowhere” is the type of book that gives you hope and a different way of interpreting your surroundings. Yes, it is a utopian novel and yes, we will never live in utopia but at the same time, our minds are drafted to accept, revere and live by ideals.

The book stayed with me, in my mind’s eye for years, whilst I continued my journey as a musician. It was only later I found out William Morris was one of the founding fathers of the Arts and Crafts furniture movement, one of humanity’s early revolts against the disappointments of industrialism.

From time to time, when questioning the validity of spending a large amount of time on little details, I often call to mind self made images from “News from Nowhere”. They live alive in my mind, willing me and protecting me from degenerative compromises often labelled as “economy” or “efficiency”.

Lets dream of quality instead.