Growing a meaningful, custom home

May 10, 2020 - Kerikeri, Northland, New Zealand

There are items round the home that you use everyday, often without too much thought. These are useful items that make your life easier: laundry basket, filing cabinet, plant holder, fruit bowl.

In our case, these were items bought many years ago without too much thought.

These days, with a young family we spend far more time at home than we used to. This being the case, we've started to prioritise our immediate surroundings.

Growing a meaningful, custom home 1
Handmade Office Organiser

Q. Why not make our surrounding as meaningful and custom as possible?

A. Because it is expensive.

Q. Why rush?

Growing a meaningful, custom home 2
Handcut dovetail office organiser

If we can make a positive change to one item in the house at a time and know that change will last our lifetime, the need to rush disappears.

Often rushed and trendy purchases are badly made and originate from overseas countries. Our home is evolving, and slowly, because you can't rush growth.

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