The Process

designing bespoke furniture - the timber selection
Designed in Kerikeri, New Zealand
Once the furniture design has been signed off by the customer, timber will be collected to match your existing décor and preference.

Using a few machines to get the timber to rough dimensions, the piece is then ready for finessing with planes, chisels and saws.
Hand Tool Joinery
The workshop is small, and, without access to large industrial machines, I find hand tools offer a brilliant way of refining joinery and achieving a flawless surface.

Using hand tools not only adds uniqueness to each piece but also an uncompromising strength. A lot of the furniture will incorporate age-old joinery techniques, namely the mortise and tenon, and dovetail joint. Also, each surface will be graced by the hand plane to remove marks left by machine cutter heads.
joinery is a key element  in bespoke furniture
Handmade bespoke furniture designs are best protectected  win linseed oil
The Finish
Furniture is protected with a linseed oil-based finish, made by Livos, Germany. This is a non-toxic finish which is easily maintainable by the customer. It sits in the fibres of the wood, avoiding a “plastic” type coating, defining and projecting the beauty of the grain.
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