Repairable Furniture

Accidents do happen, especially when viewed from the perspective of decades and not months. Truly sustainable bespoke furniture should be easily repairable. Unfortunately, the most common glue used in furniture making, PVA, cannot be manipulated easily once set.

If, for instance, a leg join breaks, that join will have to be cut away and new parts will have to be made in order to revive the piece.

Enter animal glues.

In addition to boasting more than adequate strength characteristics, these glues are completely reversible when a combination of excessive heat and moisture are applied. That same leg join, if glued with animal glue, can be taken apart and reglued without any destructive processes needing to take place.

From now on, all Lloyd Brooke Furniture pieces will incorporate animal glues in one way or another. Here’s to hoping these pieces will be around long after I leave this world.