Bespoke Handmade Dining Tables

When it comes to investing in a handmade dining table, several essential factors deserve careful consideration. Each custom dining table should not only serve a functional purpose but also embody your personal style, elevate your living spaces, and become a cherished heirloom for years to come.

Below is a brief rundown of the dining tables I currently offer.

These tables can be built in a variety of different timbers and sizes; the beauty of commissioning a custom piece.

Anisha Handmade Round Dining Table Profile Walnut


If faced with limited space, or a fairly square dining room, a round dining table is often the answer.

This design is contemporary and architectural, fitting in well with the modern home’s play on texture and shadow.

Everything about this custom table is “in flow”. The circular base grows upward into the leg frame and is punctuated by the round, dining surface.

I also build a lazy susan which is ideal for dinner parties. This can be stored away when not in use, or left on the table as a permanent fixture.


Splayed legged tables introduce a light and airy feel to the room. With their angled legs gracefully extending outwards, these tables exude a sense of modern sophistication and visual interest. One important consideration with the splayed design is negotiating both human and chair legs underneath the top. For some customers, having open space underneath the top is of paramount importance; where this is the case, I recommend going with either the Carran, Tizard or Samantha design. For others, the aesthetics of  splayed legs are too good to pass up and the Vaeda suits their needs perfectly.

Vaeda Handmade Splayed Leg Dining Table Blackwood
Tizard Bespoke Dining Table Leg Detail Walnut


With the legs carefully positioned into neat cut outs, the dark end grain of the legs contrasts beautifully with the long grain of the table top.

Arising out of the necessity of proportion, the diamond shape of the leg top is both intriguing and unique.

This table is as functional as it is pleasing aesthetically. By placing the legs at the corners of the top, there is minimal interference with both chair and diners’ legs.⁠


Drawing inspiration from the artistry of Japanese culture, and my love of mortise and tenon joinery, the Jasper dining table evokes a sense of tranquility and harmony in your living space. Clean lines, natural materials, and a focus on simplicity are the hallmarks of this design, creating a body language that promotes a calming and welcoming atmosphere.

Jasper Handmade Wood Tables Side View
Carran Table Leg Detail


As far as NZ made dining room tables go, the Carran is something special. Unlike anything you would find in a big chain store catalogue, this table is undeniably unique.

Despite being one of its own, this table sits happily amongst other, Scandinavian and mid-century styled furniture, with its smooth curves and gentle contours.


The Athena handmade dining table was born from a client brief requesting elegance and originality. The design was also partly inspired by the client’s love of the water and cruising the Bay of Islands in their yacht.

The name Athena, the female god of warfare and wisdom, perfectly suits this strong, yet feminine design.

Athena Angle View Walnut Dining Table
Samantha custom dining tables


This was my first dining table design. Although not as flamboyant as the others, it still holds as a simple and subtlely elegant piece. If you are after a dining table which doesn’t dominate the room but is still handmade by a local maker, this is the table for you.

The focus is on the clean, uncluttered lines of the simple design, bringing out the unadorned beauty of solid timber furniture.

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